Beyond unspoken words for-a-cause

October 3, was memorable night for those people who attended Alab’s open mic with the theme of Laya (Freedom) at Conspiracy Bar, Visayas Avenue Quezon City.

Event Poster
credits: Alab facebook page

We were invited by our mentor, Sir Eros Atalia. He facilitate the second batch of his writing workshop, and yours truly is one of the lucky fellow. We met new people who has been passionate with unspoken words and transcends the meaning into our hearts. As if they really intended to strike it out. Of course, we’ve also met those people who have been making their names in live performances at different bars around the metro.

Conspiracy Bar
credits: Alab facebook page
Interior of Conspiracy Bar
Another interior shot of Conspiracy Bar
Another interior shot of Conspiracy Bar

Twas fun to hang out with colleagues to chug beers, listen to poetry, sang along with the music performed — as if to feel unlost and share laughter positive vibes. And they’ve witnessed how I was a truly fangirl of Ukelele Philippines, won’t kiss and tell what happened. Anyway, there are some lucky winners of books of Sir Manix, Sir Rolando etal.

By the way, may not be able to upload those vids that I took last night since I’d like to preserve that for myself tho there are some snippets in my IG account.

With the gang credits: Kath
With the gang
credits: Kath
Credits: Alab facebook page
Credits: Alab facebook page

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Aftermath: All Time Low x The Maine LIVE IN MANILA

Wednesday, August 12 the most awaited concert date that I’ve been so excited.  All Time Low has been in Manila for the third time while The Maine for the fifth time here in the Philippines. I purchase the ticket last minute before their concert starts since it’s half the price of original, I have priorities too but I don’t want to regret my decision and come up with what if’s so I’m hella satisfied with what happened. That’s two of my favorite bands in one night, I guess money can really earn but the experience wont count.

Last night was surreal when John says “Manila” like I wanna cry seeing them performing live again. As if he’s serenading me all throughout their song. I’ve been a fan of The Maine since 2009. Their setlist is good but I kinda wish that they’ve also included “Into Your Arms” that’s one of my favorite song and wish they’ve sang few more songs. Well maybe next year they’ll have their own concert here and they can sang most of their songs! I LOVE THE MAINE!!!! especially Pat Kirch ((I am the right girl for you babe) lol. Anyway, I kinda feel irritated with the other kids, look The Maine was still on the stage performing singing their songs and they’re chanting “All Time Low”. Oh come on! I guess they’re really agitated to see them. No wonder why John cut their setlist. Wish that those kids tried to respect The Maine.


20150812_212330_2_bestshotThank you so much The Maine for making our hearts so full and reminding us to care for each other. I do hope it’ll be your band tradition to get back here every year. I love you!! and continue to make songs that will inspire everyone. Take care guys on your American Candy tour.


“Sorry for the 2 hour delayed, I was masturbating” said Alex. The night has just started indeed. By the way, congratulations to those kids who was able to join them on the stage performing Time Bomb. Twas so fun and magical night!


I wasn’t able to take decent photo since the organizers says that professional cameras are entitled only for those who purchased Pulp Royalty tickets. Oh well. I apologize that I took only few photos since all I want is to savor their performance and let the energy of them and their songs transfer to me. Though I took some videos which I posted in my instagram account, don’t ask me to post all of them since its a personal copy. Sorry about that.

Credits to: Zei

The good thing I liked attending gigs, is that you’ll able to meet new people who shares the same wavelength of interest with the music you listens to. There’s nothing wrong in being a fangirl as long as you know that there’s a boundaries — that the band wants to have personal space too and they’re like us.


Let me just share some facts about me, growing up was never been so easy, when I was in my 7th Grade all I wanted was to be is to form a band or be a band member. Since you’ll able to touch other people’s lives and you can have a tour – which you can explore new places, you know my desire to see the world. It turned out that I don’t have siren voice and terrible in playing instruments, guess the only thing that is left for me is to be a manager or producer. I want to achieve my childhood dream of mine, but reality sucks. Well who knows what might happen in the future, right? Nevertheless, will do my best to execute my goals in the long run of my life. For those people says that I’m not like this before, come on! I’m really into bands since 2005 its just that you’re not able to notice it since I look like a sweet girl — pertains to my college friends or people who knew me in college.

Looking forward to see them again here in Manila! and keep in touch with those new people I’ve met .. hope that they can be my concert buddies!Grabbed in their Twitter accountsIMG_20150815_230922


Inside Ayala Museum

Yesterday was Ayala Museum’s free admission inclusive of all galleries, activities and performances.  Mounting it’s campaign for “Inspire Everyday” for second time and another catch, the organizers gave graciously tickets to those who followed its “Be Kind”. From 9a.m to 6p.m everyone are free to enter the museum to enjoy its permanent exhibitions on Philippine historical events, Pre-Hispanic gold from our country, Indigenous Philippine textiles, Asian trade ceramics and Fernando Zobel paintings, that have been inspired visitors for generations. As well as the Beautiful Handicrafts of Tohoku, Japan, a traveling exhibition brought by The Japan Foundation Manila which showcase the traditional crafts of areas struck by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami; From Citadel to City: Juan Luna paintings and 19th century prints from the BPI Collection, showing the parallels of the development of Juan Luna’s art to social realism and the rise of the city of Manila as seen in the works on display; and Felix Laureano: First Filipino Photographer which exhibits the work of the Panay-born pioneer. We’ve been so curious about seeing what’s inside the place since we essentially pass by it whenever we hang out in Makati and figured that twas a good chance since its quite expensive for regular day pass. I went to this event with my chum, MJ. We waited for the long line outside too, since they’re massive people who wants to grab the opportunity. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to bring my camera upon reading the guidelines posted in Ayala Museum facebook page that they won’t allow guest who have professional camera – DSLR. Crap! but upon entering the place, everyone has their own camera. Oh well, anyway we enjoy capturing the artsy using our cellular phone camera.

The Handicrafts of Tohoku, Japan.

Since twas getting more crowded in the first floor, we decided to go upstairs wherein we are so fascinated with the Diorama Experience which is the permanent Philippine History from pre-historic to 1986 People Power revolution. There are some facts that have not tackle inside the classroom. I took a photo and write it down to my notebook ((just in case)).

American Reprisals in Samar
Gen. Douglas MacArthur declared Manila is Open City
Death March
Death March

Boat Gallery

Ayala Museum’s collection of finely crafted ship models.

Philippine memorabilia stuff
Philippine memorabilia stuff

Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam Processed with VSCOcam

Too bad I wasn’t able to meet the painter and illustrator Ms. Valerie Chua, upon browsing some instagram photos, her post cards and illustrations are beautiful. As well as with Ms. Armi Millare, Up Dharma Down vocalist, the showcase of Mr. Jason Magbanua’s short film wedding or events.

20150725_163030 20150725_163037

Photo op with contemporary visual artist Mr. Leeroy New

By the way, we weren’t allowed to take photos in the 3rd and 4th floor. Afterall its a free admission, so we have to obey them with the guidelines they’ve posted.

Third floor is allotted for the Pioneers of Philippine Art from the late 19th to 20th century works of Amorsolo and Zobel.

Fernando Amorsolo is one of the most famous Filipino national artists. He uses impressionistic techniques and shimmering sunlight on pastoral landscape while Fernando Zobel is a non-objective modernist painter. In 1960s he retired from his family business and moved in Spain to pursue the life of a full-time artist.

Fourth floor Gallery is for Gold of Ancestor which exhibits gold objects such as earrings, necklace, rings, plaques and many golden artifacts that existed in the Philippines before colonization of the 16th century. 20150725_164044 20150725_164140

Before leaving the premise, we saw these photographs nearby the exit.



Then, we decided to visit the Ayala Museum’s ArtistSpace that is step into fascinating realm of award winning artist Mr. Max Balabat’s Avenida Karnabal.

Processed with VSCOcam

 We weren’t able to took artsy photos inside since ArtistSpace is also invaded.

I think I can’t shrink all the information that I’ve acquire inside the museum. I might suggest that add it to your list to visit which will also help to nourish the knowledge we have gain in academics. Immerse yourself on our culture.

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What’s with July?

Finally it’s July! You know what does it means mid-year, rainy season and of course, my birth month. I might be singing Taylor Swift album RED because it has “22” that totally utters what I somehow wanted. I’m in my early twenties but I feel like I’m totally lost in the world – like I know what I want to do with my life but it sucks because no one gives me the opportunity to score it or prove myself. For a record my relatives are kinda freakin’ me out about this whole career and relationship stuff, which made me sick to answer bunch of their questions.


Anyway, if you would ask how well I am for this year. I would definitely say I’m fine compares to last year. Still, thankful with the blessings I received from Him. The highlights would be:

1. Saw in person Pope Francis when he visited Manila last January. I asked for a sign to have any job and I will compromise to it, but it turned out months later I submitted my resignation letter since I’m not fulfill as a human.

I’ve also witnessed the performance of my favorite band / / The 1975 / /  in Manila and met few people who are inlove with the band too. Think we’ve gone so far, because we’ve waited in the lobby of The Diamond Hotel where the band was checked-in and, as fangirls we want to see them in person — we waited for almost 7 hours.






2. Received a job offer from local TV network but turned them down. I know how stupid I am. Please don’t shove it in my face. I thought it was a career wise move.

3. Got a chance to work with international TV show wherein we featured Tablas Island Romblon. Of course one of the perks is to travel, learn new culture, smart and be friends with the matured ones though there are some unexpected circumstances. Anyway, they’re really awesome! I learned a great deal of life from them. I hope that they’ll contact me again whenever they’ll featured Philippines in their show.




4. Open an account for investing at Stock Market – bought some from bluechip company though my portfolio is kinda scary because they’re red. Plus I want to open for Mutual Funds at Bank of the Philippines Island.

GEAK_20150703_120542_009[1]5. Watched some series and films in my external hard drive. I never stop to dreaming and hoping that I will score a work abroad that triggers me to eager attain or settle in the other continent.

6. Attended some seminars and workshop about Film which I wanted to pursue in the long run of my life though reality still bites me. I know how complicated it is to be me.







7. Will enroll for another degree since I want to fit in the corporate world. I don’t want to disclose this one because this is too personal.

8.  Touchdown new provinces which made me want to have a key chain or took lots of photos as souvenir. Tablas Island, La Union and next week Northern Samar.

9.  Lastly, I’m still weigh things up for my own self. I don’t want to compromise with the things that the world can offer/ have rather I will pursue what’s in my inner passion that will make a voice for myself.


On the other side, if people would like to ask what materials I want to receive. Probably it would be:

  • Umbrella that has my initials
  • Black/ Brown Journal
  • Another spare notebook
  • Books about Investing/ Mutual Funds/ Self help

Just in case you’ll ask hehe 🙂

Best life hacks that our dad taught us

This Sunday, many of us are celebrating an important person in our lives. That’s right, good old Dad. In honor of the occasion, let’s share some of the wisdom or just smart tricks we’ve learned from our fathers.

Maybe your father was a role model of ingenuity, introducing you to the myriad uses of duct tape. Maybe he taught you the value of spending less than you earn and the magic of compounding. There may be a time that you are the heir of a strange but effective cure. Sometimes, you are the guinea pig of something new he is testing.

  1. Be open minded


Our Dad taught us that we need to understand and respect that the world is continuing to change and so are the people. He doesn’t try to keep the 1970’s in style (But there are some dad are too traditional)

9.He gives great advice


No fuss and most straight up honest advice. Admit it. We all have some sort of issue in life and try to figure it out all by ourselves but when we can’t bear to solve it. Go ask for his advice. He takes time to listen to your problems with open ears and an open heart, then he always comes up with a possible solution for you to take away.

8. He believes in you


Has your dad ever invested himself into something you wanted to do? Has he ever told you he’s confident in your ability to attain that certain goal? This is just a clear sign that your father believes in what you stand for, what you want to accomplish in life and ultimately, in you.

7. Reinvent leftovers


Our dad is always the King of the kitchen. This is his trick because he does not want to throw anything away. This is his masterpiece – from today’s viand AdobongManok can transform tomorrow’s Fried Chicken, there may times that he just invented new dishes out of nowhere and called it so-so.

6. Be Selfless


No matter what situation is, dad made sure that he gave to extend that he has spare. That when he pull out money in his wallet he really gives in the truest sense of the word. He constantly remind us that we have better life, atleast give some to those who are in need.

5. Value hack

It’s a cliché but really it works. There is really a pot of gold in those things we put in the garbage bag. There’s no harm in trying to separate nonbiodegradable to biodegradable. On the other hand, our dad will suggest that we should be selective on investment of time and effort because he knows that there is no sense in spending a day of your life fixing something that can be replaced brand new at a low cost. However, if one of your wedding china plates breaks during a special occasion, you don’t just throw it away. You meticulously glue it back together because you cherish it for the value it represents. Our dad teaches us how to choose their battles when it comes to determining something’s value.

4. Manage your time


He’ll suggest you to make a list, your dream board or life timetable achievement. Time is wasted and anxiety is created by rushing because we are trying to figure things out as we go. Save yourself some trouble and make a daily list. Dance and have fun with your life!!

3. He’ll let you have his trick — the ability to fix anything


Back when we were kids we thought of that our dad has magical hands because everytime we ask him to fix (i.e aircon, chairs etc) he probably can.

2. Have faith in forever


Nowadays, its really tricky to find your better half. But our dad will definitely tell us that we should understand, embrace and apply the concept of “waiting”. DON’T.GET.TIRED.TO.WAIT esp to girls because he wants to be with you on your wedding day.

1. Prayer is really powerful

giphy (1)

Sincere prayer is our direct connection to God; it relieves our stress and keeps us assured we are not walking alone. Make time each day to pray for family, loved ones, work, nation and strength against temptation.



What happens after graduation

Fast forward … pause play. I am wearing my toga and I’m sitting beside my not-so-close classmate which is so annoying. My other batchmates have their own cameras – picture here, picture there, selfie, groupfie etc. the emcee starts speaking and everyone stops murmuring. Everybody listens attentively. “This is it pancit. The last time I will be marching on stage – not unless I’m planning to enroll in higher degree” I imagine myself excited and anxious at the same time. The three inch heels I’m wearing which broke since I tip-off while running – yea I’m late. “What if I fall on stage? What if everyone laughs at me? I could not imagine that I would humiliate myself for this day” I close my eyes for a seconds and open them again, back to reality.


I am still sitting…waiting for my name to be called. Tadaaaah. “…” and I walk down, bow my head in the mini stage then shake the hands of the people there and get my diploma. Then go back to my seat feeling proud and accomplish of my achievement. I talk to some friends and wait until the ceremony ends. After that, we take pictures with our professors, with batch mates … pretty much with everyone! // End of Graduation //

Now what? What happens after graduation? Should I immediately look for a job or have a vacation? I actually don’t know. As of this point, I’m still clueless. I don’t know what to do with my life. I’m not sure if other fresh grads/graduating students feel this too but I envy those who have already decided where to work and those who started to apply even before graduation. I already have friends who have their interviews in different companies. Do I feel pressured? Yes sort of. Did I make the right choice in choosing college degree? I actually did not think of that. All I know is that opps! Touch move. I cannot move back the hands of time.

100percent (1)

This makes me think. With the number of graduating students this March up to May (not only from Letran of course) how many of us will have a decent jobs after graduation? How many fresh grads will become unemployed? Underemployed? Freelancer? How many will be successful? In which category will I go? I really get scared when I think about it. For sure I don’t want to end up unemployed. But  what if I have no choice? What if the companies do not accept me? Or maybe I’m not qualified? Let me just quote Atty. Kho once said in the Ethics class

“What is your advantage in the real world? for sure there are other students who has the same skills and passion as yours, but how will you able to score a job?” 

Don’t get me wrong; I am not being pessimistic here. Somehow, that’s reality – wait let me correct, it is reality. That is the so called real world.” I will somehow miss being a student and Letran but I have to prepare myself.

Trivia: You’ll definitely ask why somehow? I had a fight due to money and man-power issue with half of the class population in TV Drama Class. And I think of graduation is the only way for me to escape them, as much as I want to cherish the happy and good times, I cannot. All I can recall is how they bullied and humiliated me, in front of many people – Please don’t tell me that I should forgive them because

1. I will definitely not listen – They made me cold heartless person so deal with it.

2. You don’t have an idea how I felt during those days – now I can’t trust or open myself up because I’m still in trauma but I know little by little I’m picking myself up.

3. We’re grown ups now – Get them know better.

Let me remind you that PEOPLE CHANGE. Its been a year, I know to myself that I need to settle with unclosed case but I don’t want to. For me its much better not to communicate with them at all and its already the closure I mandated.

I will always remember Dean Rowena Capulong-Reyes and her last message during last meeting in her subject – Integrated Marketing Communication.

She told us that we were not trained just to be underemployed. We are trained to excel in the real world, not just as a regular employee, but someone who’s well-disciplined and responsible. And even though we do not get a high position immediately, we will do extremely well in our chosen field.

That message really hit me. I mean, everyone should think like that. And I am not just speaking for myself but also for other students out there. We should carry ourselves with confidence that we have been trained well by our Alma Mater. That’s exactly what will make us great professionals in the future.

So despite the possibility of being un or under employed, if there is one valuable thing I have learned in my four years in the Colegio, its to carry yourself with dignity and do not be afraid to compete with other people because we are as good as others, or better yet, we are even better than them. Its not arrogance-its called trust in oneself. And in looking for a job, the first criteria should be: it should give us satisfaction and joy. As Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Ergo never mind the negativity that’s out there, just keep going.


Thanks for reading!


5 Axioms of Probability for a lifetime marriage

In today’s age the most well-known and bitter line is Walang Forever (There’s no Forever). But I would beg to disagree with that phrase because I’ve witness in my family that Forever exists – but our extended family history somehow doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to vow “until death do us part.” This post dedicated to my parents who’s celebrating their 26th year of marriage and counting. I won’t post here how they met each other because it might take too much of your time – and it’s like the TV Series of How I Met Your Mother lols. Rather, how I sought out some authentic advice from the people who have insight as to what makes marriage stand the distance. Of course, I reached out to some married couples and separated people I’ve known personally and total stranger (Note: Yea I talked some times to people randomly, when I asked them they simply return to ask me if I’ll be getting married lol). Pop-out the question “What’s the secret in making a marriage successful?” or “What’s the key to make the relationship last for lifetime?”

  1. Remind your partner (and yourself) that you appreciate them.


After you’ve been married for many years, that passionate kiss when your partner walks in the door can easily morph into a peck on the cheek that can then transform into an inability even to look up from your computer or simply ignore him/her.  Studies show that nearly half of men who have cheated say it was because of emotional dissatisfaction. When men don’t feel connected or appreciated by their wives, they are vulnerable to the advances of any attractive woman who casts a lustful glance their way. It would not hurt if you say thank you for the little things or compliment your spouse which is total sign of acknowledgement. Make an effort to affirm your spouse’s value in life and in love. Don’t be too tired to make an effort to express your love through respecting and supporting each other.

  1. Whatever horrible circumstance happens, remember this, too, will pass


One thing for sure, is that marriage life is resembling of roller coaster ride which I think every married couple has been experiencing or had experienced. A crisis doesn’t mean the marriage is over because it’s like storms: loud, scary and dangerous. But to get through a storm you have to keep driving. It can be a new beginning. It’s out of pain that great people and marriages are produced.

  1. Watch your words or simply relish the silence

There are many things you should never say to a longtime spouse, the first being: “Don’t you think our new neighbor is attractive?” that’s a question you just think you want to know the answer to. Its’ also never a good idea to start a sentence with: “You know it’s always been your problem that…” spiel. Who wants to hear that from their partner? We hopefully all have a pretty good sense of ourselves at this point and having someone you love point out a failing in this way does little to engender a loving relationship. “You always…” or “You never…” think about it. Neither of these is true. If you start a conversation with these words your mate is certain to shut down or most probably will start a fight, which might end that you have to sleep on the couch. Stop for a minute and think about what you really mean to say – and then say that instead. Sometimes the best way to address a problem is to just walk away from it – as in seriously let it go. Not every slight must be addressed. Know that not every insult is intended. Practice letting go as much as you can. Forgive more. Forget more. Bite your tongue until the tip bleeds. And once in a while, remind yourself of why you married this person. Focus on those reasons and let stuff pass without mention. Successful couples have learned to resist holding grudges and bringing up the past. They remember that they married an imperfect person — and so did their spouse. The trick to successful silence, is that you really let the problem pass. If you stay silent and still harbor bad thoughts, well that’s where ulcers come from. As the Beatles told us “Let it be”. This is one of my dad’s principle whenever my starts to a fight or nag him.

  1. Maintain intimacy and passion.


There may be no stronger aphrodisiac than a moonlight walk on the beach that ends in a kiss. There may be no greater display of passion than the zeal of a partner in a hospital room trying to get the nurse’s attention for an ailing wife. Relationships don’t work without time investment or even emotional investment. Never have, never will. Any successful relationship requires intentional, quality time together. And quality time rarely happens when quantity time is absent. The relationship with your spouse should be the most intimate and deep relationship you have. Therefore, it is going to require more time than any other relationship. If possible, set aside time each day for your spouse. And a date-night once in a while wouldn’t hurt – sacred and special and should be on the same day of the week every week. My parents are not ashamed to kiss infront of us. Sometimes they’re acting like a teenager – well atleast in our eyes lols but honestly they’re so cute when they’re expressing their love. Trivia:  Well my mom is very sentimental person, she have kept the love letters she had received from my dad when they’re in a boy/girlfriend stage and she let us read them. Cheesy!

  1. Lastly, Selflessness.


The foundation to have lifetime marriage: Honesty, Trust, Communication, Loyalty, Commitment, listening, have no expectation from your partner and be content to whatever each of you can share and do. Surveys blame it on finances, lack of commitment, infidelity, or incompatibility, but the root cause for most of these reasons is selfishness. A selfish person is committed only to himself or herself, shows little patience, and never learns how to be a successful spouse. Give your hopes, dreams, and life to your partner. And begin to live life together. This is a simple call to value our marriages, treat them with great care, and invest into them daily. Accomplishing the items listed above will always require nearly every bit of yourself… but it so worth it. After all, a successful marriage is far more valuable than most of temporal things we chase after with our lives. And will always last longer. Remember that it takes two to tango, if you already knew or have a feeling that your current girl/boyfriend is the one who makes you happy, sacrifices for you, been there for the ups and down, can understand your tantrums and bad moods – imagine your life to with him/her, knowing that he/she’s all you wanted. Well, I might say don’t let go and keep it up. Just enjoy.

Mr. & Mrs. Rongcales

Thank you for reading!