Aftermath: All Time Low x The Maine LIVE IN MANILA

Wednesday, August 12 the most awaited concert date that I’ve been so excited.  All Time Low has been in Manila for the third time while The Maine for the fifth time here in the Philippines. I purchase the ticket last minute before their concert starts since it’s half the price of original, I have priorities too but I don’t want to regret my decision and come up with what if’s so I’m hella satisfied with what happened. That’s two of my favorite bands in one night, I guess money can really earn but the experience wont count.

Last night was surreal when John says “Manila” like I wanna cry seeing them performing live again. As if he’s serenading me all throughout their song. I’ve been a fan of The Maine since 2009. Their setlist is good but I kinda wish that they’ve also included “Into Your Arms” that’s one of my favorite song and wish they’ve sang few more songs. Well maybe next year they’ll have their own concert here and they can sang most of their songs! I LOVE THE MAINE!!!! especially Pat Kirch ((I am the right girl for you babe) lol. Anyway, I kinda feel irritated with the other kids, look The Maine was still on the stage performing singing their songs and they’re chanting “All Time Low”. Oh come on! I guess they’re really agitated to see them. No wonder why John cut their setlist. Wish that those kids tried to respect The Maine.


20150812_212330_2_bestshotThank you so much The Maine for making our hearts so full and reminding us to care for each other. I do hope it’ll be your band tradition to get back here every year. I love you!! and continue to make songs that will inspire everyone. Take care guys on your American Candy tour.


“Sorry for the 2 hour delayed, I was masturbating” said Alex. The night has just started indeed. By the way, congratulations to those kids who was able to join them on the stage performing Time Bomb. Twas so fun and magical night!


I wasn’t able to take decent photo since the organizers says that professional cameras are entitled only for those who purchased Pulp Royalty tickets. Oh well. I apologize that I took only few photos since all I want is to savor their performance and let the energy of them and their songs transfer to me. Though I took some videos which I posted in my instagram account, don’t ask me to post all of them since its a personal copy. Sorry about that.

Credits to: Zei

The good thing I liked attending gigs, is that you’ll able to meet new people who shares the same wavelength of interest with the music you listens to. There’s nothing wrong in being a fangirl as long as you know that there’s a boundaries — that the band wants to have personal space too and they’re like us.


Let me just share some facts about me, growing up was never been so easy, when I was in my 7th Grade all I wanted was to be is to form a band or be a band member. Since you’ll able to touch other people’s lives and you can have a tour – which you can explore new places, you know my desire to see the world. It turned out that I don’t have siren voice and terrible in playing instruments, guess the only thing that is left for me is to be a manager or producer. I want to achieve my childhood dream of mine, but reality sucks. Well who knows what might happen in the future, right? Nevertheless, will do my best to execute my goals in the long run of my life. For those people says that I’m not like this before, come on! I’m really into bands since 2005 its just that you’re not able to notice it since I look like a sweet girl — pertains to my college friends or people who knew me in college.

Looking forward to see them again here in Manila! and keep in touch with those new people I’ve met .. hope that they can be my concert buddies!Grabbed in their Twitter accountsIMG_20150815_230922



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