What’s with July?

Finally it’s July! You know what does it means mid-year, rainy season and of course, my birth month. I might be singing Taylor Swift album RED because it has “22” that totally utters what I somehow wanted. I’m in my early twenties but I feel like I’m totally lost in the world – like I know what I want to do with my life but it sucks because no one gives me the opportunity to score it or prove myself. For a record my relatives are kinda freakin’ me out about this whole career and relationship stuff, which made me sick to answer bunch of their questions.


Anyway, if you would ask how well I am for this year. I would definitely say I’m fine compares to last year. Still, thankful with the blessings I received from Him. The highlights would be:

1. Saw in person Pope Francis when he visited Manila last January. I asked for a sign to have any job and I will compromise to it, but it turned out months later I submitted my resignation letter since I’m not fulfill as a human.

I’ve also witnessed the performance of my favorite band / / The 1975 / /  in Manila and met few people who are inlove with the band too. Think we’ve gone so far, because we’ve waited in the lobby of The Diamond Hotel where the band was checked-in and, as fangirls we want to see them in person — we waited for almost 7 hours.






2. Received a job offer from local TV network but turned them down. I know how stupid I am. Please don’t shove it in my face. I thought it was a career wise move.

3. Got a chance to work with international TV show wherein we featured Tablas Island Romblon. Of course one of the perks is to travel, learn new culture, smart and be friends with the matured ones though there are some unexpected circumstances. Anyway, they’re really awesome! I learned a great deal of life from them. I hope that they’ll contact me again whenever they’ll featured Philippines in their show.




4. Open an account for investing at Stock Market – bought some from bluechip company though my portfolio is kinda scary because they’re red. Plus I want to open for Mutual Funds at Bank of the Philippines Island.

GEAK_20150703_120542_009[1]5. Watched some series and films in my external hard drive. I never stop to dreaming and hoping that I will score a work abroad that triggers me to eager attain or settle in the other continent.

6. Attended some seminars and workshop about Film which I wanted to pursue in the long run of my life though reality still bites me. I know how complicated it is to be me.







7. Will enroll for another degree since I want to fit in the corporate world. I don’t want to disclose this one because this is too personal.

8.  Touchdown new provinces which made me want to have a key chain or took lots of photos as souvenir. Tablas Island, La Union and next week Northern Samar.

9.  Lastly, I’m still weigh things up for my own self. I don’t want to compromise with the things that the world can offer/ have rather I will pursue what’s in my inner passion that will make a voice for myself.


On the other side, if people would like to ask what materials I want to receive. Probably it would be:

  • Umbrella that has my initials
  • Black/ Brown Journal
  • Another spare notebook
  • Books about Investing/ Mutual Funds/ Self help

Just in case you’ll ask hehe 🙂


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