Best life hacks that our dad taught us

This Sunday, many of us are celebrating an important person in our lives. That’s right, good old Dad. In honor of the occasion, let’s share some of the wisdom or just smart tricks we’ve learned from our fathers.

Maybe your father was a role model of ingenuity, introducing you to the myriad uses of duct tape. Maybe he taught you the value of spending less than you earn and the magic of compounding. There may be a time that you are the heir of a strange but effective cure. Sometimes, you are the guinea pig of something new he is testing.

  1. Be open minded


Our Dad taught us that we need to understand and respect that the world is continuing to change and so are the people. He doesn’t try to keep the 1970’s in style (But there are some dad are too traditional)

9.He gives great advice


No fuss and most straight up honest advice. Admit it. We all have some sort of issue in life and try to figure it out all by ourselves but when we can’t bear to solve it. Go ask for his advice. He takes time to listen to your problems with open ears and an open heart, then he always comes up with a possible solution for you to take away.

8. He believes in you


Has your dad ever invested himself into something you wanted to do? Has he ever told you he’s confident in your ability to attain that certain goal? This is just a clear sign that your father believes in what you stand for, what you want to accomplish in life and ultimately, in you.

7. Reinvent leftovers


Our dad is always the King of the kitchen. This is his trick because he does not want to throw anything away. This is his masterpiece – from today’s viand AdobongManok can transform tomorrow’s Fried Chicken, there may times that he just invented new dishes out of nowhere and called it so-so.

6. Be Selfless


No matter what situation is, dad made sure that he gave to extend that he has spare. That when he pull out money in his wallet he really gives in the truest sense of the word. He constantly remind us that we have better life, atleast give some to those who are in need.

5. Value hack

It’s a cliché but really it works. There is really a pot of gold in those things we put in the garbage bag. There’s no harm in trying to separate nonbiodegradable to biodegradable. On the other hand, our dad will suggest that we should be selective on investment of time and effort because he knows that there is no sense in spending a day of your life fixing something that can be replaced brand new at a low cost. However, if one of your wedding china plates breaks during a special occasion, you don’t just throw it away. You meticulously glue it back together because you cherish it for the value it represents. Our dad teaches us how to choose their battles when it comes to determining something’s value.

4. Manage your time


He’ll suggest you to make a list, your dream board or life timetable achievement. Time is wasted and anxiety is created by rushing because we are trying to figure things out as we go. Save yourself some trouble and make a daily list. Dance and have fun with your life!!

3. He’ll let you have his trick — the ability to fix anything


Back when we were kids we thought of that our dad has magical hands because everytime we ask him to fix (i.e aircon, chairs etc) he probably can.

2. Have faith in forever


Nowadays, its really tricky to find your better half. But our dad will definitely tell us that we should understand, embrace and apply the concept of “waiting”. DON’T.GET.TIRED.TO.WAIT esp to girls because he wants to be with you on your wedding day.

1. Prayer is really powerful

giphy (1)

Sincere prayer is our direct connection to God; it relieves our stress and keeps us assured we are not walking alone. Make time each day to pray for family, loved ones, work, nation and strength against temptation.




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