What happens after graduation

Fast forward … pause play. I am wearing my toga and I’m sitting beside my not-so-close classmate which is so annoying. My other batchmates have their own cameras – picture here, picture there, selfie, groupfie etc. the emcee starts speaking and everyone stops murmuring. Everybody listens attentively. “This is it pancit. The last time I will be marching on stage – not unless I’m planning to enroll in higher degree” I imagine myself excited and anxious at the same time. The three inch heels I’m wearing which broke since I tip-off while running – yea I’m late. “What if I fall on stage? What if everyone laughs at me? I could not imagine that I would humiliate myself for this day” I close my eyes for a seconds and open them again, back to reality.


I am still sitting…waiting for my name to be called. Tadaaaah. “…” and I walk down, bow my head in the mini stage then shake the hands of the people there and get my diploma. Then go back to my seat feeling proud and accomplish of my achievement. I talk to some friends and wait until the ceremony ends. After that, we take pictures with our professors, with batch mates … pretty much with everyone! // End of Graduation //

Now what? What happens after graduation? Should I immediately look for a job or have a vacation? I actually don’t know. As of this point, I’m still clueless. I don’t know what to do with my life. I’m not sure if other fresh grads/graduating students feel this too but I envy those who have already decided where to work and those who started to apply even before graduation. I already have friends who have their interviews in different companies. Do I feel pressured? Yes sort of. Did I make the right choice in choosing college degree? I actually did not think of that. All I know is that opps! Touch move. I cannot move back the hands of time.

100percent (1)

This makes me think. With the number of graduating students this March up to May (not only from Letran of course) how many of us will have a decent jobs after graduation? How many fresh grads will become unemployed? Underemployed? Freelancer? How many will be successful? In which category will I go? I really get scared when I think about it. For sure I don’t want to end up unemployed. But  what if I have no choice? What if the companies do not accept me? Or maybe I’m not qualified? Let me just quote Atty. Kho once said in the Ethics class

“What is your advantage in the real world? for sure there are other students who has the same skills and passion as yours, but how will you able to score a job?” 

Don’t get me wrong; I am not being pessimistic here. Somehow, that’s reality – wait let me correct, it is reality. That is the so called real world.” I will somehow miss being a student and Letran but I have to prepare myself.

Trivia: You’ll definitely ask why somehow? I had a fight due to money and man-power issue with half of the class population in TV Drama Class. And I think of graduation is the only way for me to escape them, as much as I want to cherish the happy and good times, I cannot. All I can recall is how they bullied and humiliated me, in front of many people – Please don’t tell me that I should forgive them because

1. I will definitely not listen – They made me cold heartless person so deal with it.

2. You don’t have an idea how I felt during those days – now I can’t trust or open myself up because I’m still in trauma but I know little by little I’m picking myself up.

3. We’re grown ups now – Get them know better.

Let me remind you that PEOPLE CHANGE. Its been a year, I know to myself that I need to settle with unclosed case but I don’t want to. For me its much better not to communicate with them at all and its already the closure I mandated.

I will always remember Dean Rowena Capulong-Reyes and her last message during last meeting in her subject – Integrated Marketing Communication.

She told us that we were not trained just to be underemployed. We are trained to excel in the real world, not just as a regular employee, but someone who’s well-disciplined and responsible. And even though we do not get a high position immediately, we will do extremely well in our chosen field.

That message really hit me. I mean, everyone should think like that. And I am not just speaking for myself but also for other students out there. We should carry ourselves with confidence that we have been trained well by our Alma Mater. That’s exactly what will make us great professionals in the future.

So despite the possibility of being un or under employed, if there is one valuable thing I have learned in my four years in the Colegio, its to carry yourself with dignity and do not be afraid to compete with other people because we are as good as others, or better yet, we are even better than them. Its not arrogance-its called trust in oneself. And in looking for a job, the first criteria should be: it should give us satisfaction and joy. As Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Ergo never mind the negativity that’s out there, just keep going.


Thanks for reading!



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